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Friday, June 15, 2007

POC - Streets of Willow Springs

On June 2nd, I took my car out to the track north of LA (in Rosamond). It was a very hot day, but when the wind picked up in the afternoon, it was more bearable.

I completed 4 sessions on track for a total of about an hour and 15 minutes of track time. The sessions were timed and I managed to improve my previous lap time by about 2 seconds, which made me pretty happy. My new best time is 1:42.6 versus 1:44.4 previously. The cars that run at the top of my class, however, are about 1:38.6, so I have another 4 seconds to find. I finished 4th out of 6 this time, so that was okay.

Next track day is in September.