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Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Got off the ship at about 7:45 and were in a cab to Hotel Regina almost immediately. Checked in, but no room available (of course), so we checked our bags and headed off to the Metro to Sagrada Familia. Walking out of the metro station and looking up at the most amazing building I've ever seen. As you look closer, the amount of detail put into the building is astounding.

We made our way around to the front and found out there was a big line to get in. Ran into some people from Palmdale in front of us in line who said they couldn't even get in yesterday afternoon because the line was around the block. Good thing we made this our first stop or we might have missed one of the best parts of the entire trip. Since we were so amazed by the building, we decided to get the Audio Tour as we went through. This gave a lot of background information and really helped understand the sculptures on the front and back. These show the story of the Bible in various scenes. The Temptation scenes are sculpted in a very modern, blocky, style while the Nativity is more traditional with soft curves and realistic figures.

That didn't prepare us for the inside which is beautiful with stone tree figures throughout. While the Gaudi influence led to the word gaudy, once you get a close look at Sagrada Familia, you realize it's not gaudy but incredibly beautiful and practical. I've never seen a building designed with such clear emotion and devotion.

After this, we took the long trek out to Parc Guell which is also designed by Gaudi. Not as amazing, but still very beautiful. From there, on to look at some more interesting buildings and lunch.

After lunch, we took a walk down Las Ramblas and kept our eyes out for pickpockets while enjoying the street performers. Then off to Casa Mila including an interior tour. This one is also pretty amazing, built as an apartment building. The most striking thing is the attic with it's hundreds of brick arches as well as the terrace with sculptures on the roof which are all functional as chimneys and stairwells. By this time, we were exhausted and headed back to the hotel to rest for the rough day of flying tomorrow.


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Doug & Heather,
Have you visited Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia before?


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